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Earth Quaker: Love Blue

Love Blue is a nonprofit organization that was formed by a group of lifeguards and surfers who have a vision of changing the world. Being on the beach everyday, we see the effects of ocean and beach pollution constantly. Surfing all of our lives and being around the ocean you grow a love for it. When we were age eligible, we all decided to chase after our dream job as lifeguards. Being a lifeguard gives you a whole different perspective on the beaches and oceans. The love for the ocean and beach grew even fonder, but there’s a problem, our oceans and beaches are filthy. Ocean and Beach pollution is so overlooked and this is why our oceans ecosystems are being destroyed at a staggering rate. It’s such an overlooked problem because people don’t see what we see. People are so oblivious to the fact that what they leave or throw away on the beach has a huge impact on the environment. Most people go to beaches to vacation, so they don’t know any better. Summer after summer, day after day, finally, we decided to take an action on this phenomenon that’s happening right in front of our eyes with Love Blue. So what we want to do is create a movement, which we call Blue Movement. We are thrilled to be partnering with Guppi to create apparel for us and spread the noise we are trying to create.

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